March 20.20

Coronavirus Operational Update – March 2020

A message from President Chris Cline

As we all try to navigate this unprecedented situation, I wanted to reach out to offer Corporate Traffic’s services regarding capacity/service for your supply chain needs.  We have positioned ourselves with our own assets and carrier partners to ensure capacity and service during this current climate. 

Corporate Traffic Logistics has built a robust plan developed over the years by business continuity and crisis management professionals in conjunction with corporate services and operations personnel within our business units. The plan has been implemented several times to respond to impacts from major hurricanes. Below is a breakdown of the steps we have in place to ensure we maintain our normal day-to-day operations for our customers. 

Health and Safety Precautions

The health of our employees, customers, company drivers and carriers is very important to us. We are taking precautionary measures to support health and safety and ensure normal business operations for our customers, many of whom are providing critical medical supplies and consumer goods nationwide.  We have instituted a 50/50 split at all locations where 50% of our workforce is working from home offices while the remaining employees remain on site at our operational centers in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. In 14 days, we plan to shift that rotation. As information comes out from local and national government agencies, we are 100% prepared to have an entirely remote workforce as needed.

From a driver standpoint, many of our customers have instituted new procedures at their place of business to limit contact with drivers.  We have also requested our drivers limit their interactions at facilities by staying in their trucks or outdoors if allowed.  We also require our drivers to limit their time at truck stops and in any common areas at rest areas.  If he/she or any of their immediate family feels ill, they are instructed to alert us immediately and make plans to quarantine.


Corporate Traffic has invested heavily in technology and cloud computing, enabling employees from throughout the organization to work remotely as needed. All meetings can be held via Microsoft Teams or Ring Central and all remote employees have access to hardware to mimic their office workstations.  
From a data security standpoint, we are one of only a few logistics companies that are 100% cloud-based spread across multiple data centers in the country.
Asset Capacity

As an asset based 3PL since 1992, we have worked diligently the last 28 years to build our asset capacity along with an amazing network of carriers nationwide.  As carrier capacity tightens, we are ready to move company assets to different areas to help with surges or spikes on an as-needed basis. At Corporate Traffic, our company motto is “Never Settle” and what that means for you is that we won’t rest until we get the job done and earn your complete satisfaction.

I think we can all agree the past week has been challenging and we are likely in for more challenging times.  Rest assured, Corporate Traffic will be there for you when you need us. So much continues to remain unknown but I know we will win. We will beat this. #NeverSettle
Chris Cline
Corporate Traffic Logistics