March 15.16

Corporate Transportation Implements Industry-Leading “Trailer Tracking” Program

Jacksonville, Fla. – Corporate Transportation, a Jacksonville asset-based carrier founded in 1995, has partnered with SkyBitz to install GPS trackers on all of its trailers, providing a myriad of benefits to customers of Corporate Transportation, the asset subsidiary of Corporate Traffic Logistics. Installing GPS trackers on trailers enables Corporate Transportation to provide greater peace of mind to its over-the-road customers and further differentiates Corporate Traffic Logistics within the logistics industry.

“We are constantly seeking opportunities to increase our serviceability to our customers,” said Chad Cline, Vice President, Corporate Transportation. “Installing the GPS trackers on our trailers enhances our ability to provide more benefits and flexibility to our customers, which in turn enables them to be more nimble and help improve their bottom line.”

Providing enhanced protection for logistics customers, GPS trailer tracking enables Corporate Transportation to inform customers of exactly where their cargo is located. This enables Corporate Transportation to quickly respond and ensure the status and safety of cargo, creating even greater peace of mind for customers.

GPS trailer tracking enhances Corporate Transportation’s asset utilization, enabling it to have faster reaction times to address customers’ needs because of access to real-time trailer pool management. Now customers can get more precise service when last-minute needs arise.

“We have the in-house expertise to install and service each GPS tracking device to ensure that we are performing to the best of our ability for our customers,” said Cline. “We are proud of our team’s ability to go above and beyond for our customers, and we are enthusiastic about the expanded benefits and peace of mind that we can extend to our customers.”

About Corporate Transportation

Founded in 1995, Corporate Transportation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate Traffic Logistics, an industry-recognized leader in logistics and transportation services, including asset and non-asset logistics solutions, managed less-than-truckload (M-LTL) shipping, ocean services, expedited air freight and intermodal services. Headquartered in Florida, Corporate Transportation is an asset-based transportation company that is CSA compliant, safety oriented and driver focused.